Alexandre Reza Lahouti

Serial Entrepreneur on the French Riviera

Restaurants by Alexandre Reza Lahouti

Alexandre Reza Lahouti is an entrepreneur on the French Riviera. Here are a few of his favourite restaurants. Tags: Le Hussard, L’Up Side Down Café, Le Black Pearl, Le Zoa, … Continue reading

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“Opening innovative restaurants and making them a success” – Alexandre Reza Lahouti

I believe in opening innovative restaurants, but the concept should not be completely new, people should be able to recognise the environment and feel at ease. If you come up with … Continue reading

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Meeting Alexandre Reza Lahouti

I’m in Cannes on the French Riviera. Cannes is synonymous to luxury, glamour, but it’s also the place of the big international events like the ‘Palme d’Or Film Festival’ and … Continue reading

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“It’s about building interpersonal relationships’ – Alexandre Reza Lahouti

We’re approaching the Palais des Festivals, home of the Cannes International Film Festival. “You said the secret of your success is a combination of things, can you name some more?” … Continue reading

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“The art of creating businesses” – Alexandre Reza Lahouti

We’re having a coffee on the terrace of ‘Le Mocca’ just opposite of the Palais des Festival. This café is one of the numerous restaurant concepts created by Alexandre in … Continue reading

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“Business suits versus designer jeans” – Alexandre Reza Lahouti

Here on the French Riviera we don’t have a corporate culture like in Paris, London or New York. We have the same level of ambition, but we are not in … Continue reading

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